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Among our customers you can find Start-up companies that used our research & development services, consulting, servers management, development platform setup and more services that helped them release a world class products or services. You can also find some small and medium businesses who enjoy flexible internet websites powered by our Kala CMS

Development platform Consult & Setup

Throughout time, we managed to match a development type for various project types, we've learned the different requirements and created a development team to deliver optimal results. We are using top of the edge tools, like Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Sentry and much more, in order to form a complete development system. We carry out training and management development team for...

PlaceIt - Screenshot in multiple devices

PlaceIt - Screenshot in multiple devices Great service that will help you create great website and mobile app screenshots on one of the models: Ipad, laptop, Iphone, Android, Laptop, more... You choose the model, choose the background, upload or drop your image, and you get a cool screenshot to show off on your website or any other press release. The screenshots can be downloaded and used for free.

Research and Development Outsourcing

Sortex offer professional outsource reseach & development  and product management services, with on-going communication and weekly reports. we're interfacing with our clients dev and market teams through our enterprise collaboration tools in order to preserve a productive flow. Each project is characterized carefully following a series of meetings and in-depth analysis of the...

Yariv Fisher, CEO - flyeast

Yariv Fisher, CEO - flyeast Sortex provided us many solutions during past years. from informative website, to full e-commerce website integrated with multiple CRMs. Service was always prompt and professional. Change requests were released in fast deployment sprints with very low amount of bugs. For conclusion, if you choose Sortex, you probably gonna end up smiling!