HipChat - Chat rooms service

Hip chat is a chat server and app that can be used for communication between Co-workers and Clients
You can create hipchat users for each member of your clients and have a fast, reliable and documented communication. 

Hipchat can be used as a desktop app, as online service or even as mobile app.

Download the desktop app Launch the web app  / Get the iPhone & iPad app  / Get the Android app / Set up SMS messaging 


You can create Chat Room for each client that can be used for discussions related to that client. Those client rooms can include automated notifications from multiple 3rd party services, like GitHub (account commits), Jenkins/Bamboo (about builds, tests and deployments) and much more.

Rooms can be be used for asking questions that requires feedback from more than one person or discussions that should be documented. 

You can also have a private room for inner discussions (not related to any client) and strict it's access to your team only.

Tips & Tricks

  1. You can copy and paste in hipchat. files & even images from clipboard. we use that option a lot when sending quick screenshots to each other
  2. Use @ and type a user name in order to mention him, this will notify the mentioned user by sound, and if he will not answer he will get an email notification about the fact that he was mentioned in chat.
    This option is mostly used when chatting in room and you want to get a specific user attention 

More information

  • Free for up to 5 users, $2 per user for more. (see their Pricing page)
  • Why use HipChat over skype or other IM clients? see Comparison page
  • Powered by Atlassian and integrate very well with all known API services.
  • Their official website: https://www.hipchat.com/


Feel free to use emoticons in your chat.

See this link: http://hipchat-emoticons.nyh.name/