Websites Development

At Sortex we also provide custom devlopment service, for websites that require more comprensive solutions that are supported by our Kala CMS.

We hold vast expirince in the websites management area, from simple informative websites, to complicated e-commerce online webstores.

Sortex team is trained to receive specific requirements from customers and ask the right questions, in order to provide estimation & development plan.

Our customers enjoy a fully exposed development flow and are integral part of it all the way. we keep the customers involved and make sure that development progress by their demands.

Sortex provides full solution for businesses that are looking for fresh, up-to-date, easy to manage websites. here is a partial list of related services:
  • Choosing design that meet your website's audience
  • Website creation & setup
  • Domain registration & DNS management
  • Server setup & IT services
  • Technical support & Help
  • Knowledge base
  • Development of new widgets or modules by demand