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Sortex provides internet solutions for business and start-up companies: Websites & E-commerce setup with mobile support, Tailored enterprise online solutions, Development...

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About us

Sortex is a software outsourcing company which consists of highly trained and experienced professionals. Bringing many years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and practices in...

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At Sortex we provide internet related services and solutions, for advanced technical requirements. We provide outsourcing planning & development services, as well as websites creation...

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Kala - Website manager


Kala is an innovative Website manager that contains advanced CMS features, and allows non technical users create and manage websites on their own. It is user friendly and fun to use and was...

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Among our customers you can find Start-up companies that used our research & development services, consulting, servers management, development platform setup and more services that...

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You can contact us about any subject using the form below. In case you are interested in a price quote, go to proposal request form

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